Paez3D, LLC

Custom and commercial printed circuit boards (PCBs) are developed every day to serve any and every purpose. What's been missing is an affordable enclosure design, on-demand production solution for these devices. Paez3D was created to address this market. Below are a few examples of Paez3D designs, many of which you can buy today. Where applicable, Paez3D made every effort to use the design language of the legacy product being supported.
Commodore Amiga style GBS 8220
Commodore 128 style GBS 8220
RetroFun SD2IEC 2017
Lotharek SIO2SD
RetroFun SIO2SD
RetroelectroniK SuperGun ProGamer - One Off Commission
VGA1000 for GBS 8220
Design Services

Whether you need an enclosure for a device smaller than a bar of soap or a case for a disk drive, chances are Paez3D can design it for you. Prices range from a modest $75 for small items (includes a single prototype) to $150 for larger, simple enclosures, up to 1 inch thick. Design services for larger enclosures are available as well. There is a $200 additional charge for one-off items.

3D renderings of the enclosures are provided before any test prints are done for your approval. If the project calls for using the design language of a legacy device, Paez3D can do that too.

The process begins upon receipt of the PCB, by creating a model of the PCB to be encased. Paez3D can also work with STEP files of PCBs, provided real-world dimensions are also supplied. Then, the design of the enclosure begins. Normally, this procedure takes a day or two before a workable design is presented.

Approved designs are printed, inspected and, if alterations are needed, they are made and a new prototype is produced. Prototypes can take several hours to produce. A project, end-to-end, typically takes a week.

Pantone color-matched plastics are also available. Note that this service costs approximately $1,000 and can take two to three weeks.

Paez3D retains all ownership rights to the designs. STL files are available for licensing, but not generally offered as part of the design service. Source and STEP files are available for a significant fee. All shipping is paid by the customer.

Prototyping Services

If you already have a design and simply want it printed, Paez3D will be glad to take your STL file and print it for you. Pricing is $15 + $30/hr of actual machine time at 3400 mm/min, white PLA.

Paez3D uses the Simplify3D slicer, which provides estimated print times within 30 minutes of actual print times.

Other materials/colors are available at an additional cost.

How to get started?

Easy: send an email to sales at